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Does ThreadBeast have a Loyalty Program?
Does ThreadBeast have a Loyalty Program?

This article provides an overview of ThreadBeast's Loyalty Rewards Program

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Yes! ThreadBeast recently launched a Loyalty Rewards Program to reward our loyal members with amazing rewards like discounts, bonus items, gift cards, apparel and accessories!

How To Earn Points

Earn points for every package you purchase. Receive a BIG point bonus after every 4th package purchase! You also earn points when you follow or share a photo of your ThreadBeast package to our Facebook or Instagram page through the rewards portal!

How To View Progress

If you're an active ThreadBeast member, you've already earned points! To view your points and package progress, login to and tap the 'Loyalty' section. There, you'll see how many points you've accumulated and how far along you are on your package journey! Remember, 4 purchases gets you a BIG point bonus!

Rewards Catalog

ThreadBeast's Rewards Catalog offers a variety of rewards for you to redeem using the points that you've earned with each package purchase. Redeem rewards like discounts, bonus items, gift cards, apparel and accessories!


If you're a member and you cancel your ThreadBeast account, you'll lose all point and package progress! ๐Ÿšซ So make sure to take advantage of the rewards and the BIG point bonus before you cancel!

You must be a member with a goodstanding account to view and redeem rewards!

Login To Your ThreadBeast Account

Tap the button below to login and check your point total and package progress!

Not A Member?

If you're not a member yet, we'd love to have you on board! Tap the button below to take the style quiz, become a ThreadBeast member and start earning points!

The Loyalty Rewards Program is only available to members within the United States at this time.

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