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What is the Baller plan?
What is the Baller plan?
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Our baller plan is our newest and most exclusive plan that's only available to those who ask! The plan costs $290, and includes roughly 9-11 of the following items: 

  • Premium accessories (bags, backpacks, duffles)

  • Premium tops (hoodies and jackets)

  • Premium bottoms (joggers, premium denim)

  • Premium outerwear (during the cold months)

  • Premium pieces

  • Premium shoes (this is the only plan that includes shoes in every package!)

With this plan, you'll be charged monthly and will continue to be billed and receive packages once a month until you decide to cancel. You can also downgrade to the premium ($150), essential ($95), or basic ($60) plan at any time! 

If you'd like to get started with this plan, please head to and fill out a style profile.  Once you have that filled out, click the button below! 

Example of Baller Plan:

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